Fatoumata Tangara, a peer educator. Photo: Laeïla Adjovi/Oxfam
Fatoumata Tangara, a peer educator in Mali. Photo: Laeïla Adjovi/Oxfam

Ishrat Bibi is a 19-year-old photographer living in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar refugee camps. In this winning photo from Oxfam’s 2021 Rohingya Arts Competition, Ishrat captures a quiet moment as a young Rohingya girl holds her brother. The girl looks out over the camp where she lives with her family as a refugee, thinking about where she has come from and what lies ahead, hoping for a better future. Photo Credit: Ishrat Bibi

Photo Credit: FabehaMonir/Oxfam

“Life of Rohingya Women” by Enayet Khan

Photo by RF._.studio from Pexels

Image Credit — Jason Taylor/ILC

Image: Bruno Sanchez-Andrade Nuño via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Oxfam International

Oxfam is a world-wide development organization that mobilizes the power of people against poverty.

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