How We’re Failing Gaza

20 members of the Amir family live in this Gaza home, which is not connected to the wastewater collection system. Photo: Alison M. Martin/Oxfam

Families without access to water and sanitation facilities face health problems

Millions of liters of sewage are discharged into the coast off Gaza every day. Photo: Ghada Snunu/Oxfam
Abu Amir with his children inside their home, pointing out the cracks in the walls, caused during the 2014 conflict. Photo: Alison M. Martin/Oxfam

Less than 16% of items needed to construct vital water infrastructure are reaching Gaza

Al Muntar reservoir, the main water storage capacity for Gaza city. Photo: Alison M. Martin/Oxfam

Lack of funding and limited coordination have fatal consequences for families in Gaza: the international community must act.

Members of the Amir family at their home in Gaza. Photo: Alison M. Martin/Oxfam



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