In the path of the bulldozers: COBHRA helps communities defend their rights

Ana Reina Raymundo from Oxfam partner Ajkemab in Guatemala leads a group of community members in an assessment exercise. “COBHRA empowered our organization and the women affected by a major smelting operation to demand justice and compensation,” says Patricia Canales Rivera from Peruvian NGO CEPEMA-Lulay. Carlos Lacan/Oxfam


When a community or organization launches a COBHRA assessment, interviewers begin by listening to stories. How has your land, your family, your way of life been affected by this company’s activities? The assessment teams are instructed to make their way through communities, sitting down with people who represent a range of incomes, genders, physical abilities, age, and livelihoods. It takes time, care, and dedication.


On June 10th, a brand-new version will be rolled out — this one with a greater focus on gender. The new COBHRA — developed with the collaboration and support of the International Federation for Human Rights, PODER, and the Lexus-Nexus Rule of Law Foundation — has refined its lens, examining every issue not only from the perspective of human rights but of gender, with the goal of developing solutions that will work for women, men, and gender-diverse peoples.



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