Listen Up! 15 Great Climate Podcasts

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Whether you’re self-isolating and ‘skilling up,’ or short on time and just looking to learn more, we’ve compiled our favorite climate podcasts below. Now’s a good time to take inspiration from a movement that’s dedicated to building a better world. Pop your headphones in and have a listen.

Know another great climate podcast? We want to hear your recommendations! Submit your suggestion in the comments below.

These first four are single episodes on the climate crisis — listen!

Teens Speak Up is a youth-led initiative, lifting the voices of young people on a number of different issues. In this episode, we hear from Bridget Lord, founder of Fridays for Future Massachusetts, US.

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Beyond the Narrative is a podcast by Fenton Lutunatabua, which explores the concept of justice through storytelling, focusing on the stories of Pacific Islanders. These two episodes feature conversations with Pacific climate activists Jacynta Fa’amau and Joseph Zane Sikulu.

Listen to Episode 5.
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The State of Power Podcast is an initiative by the Transnational Institute (TNI), exploring some of the world’s most complex challenges, and alternatives to the status quo. This episode focuses on resistance to a natural gas pipeline in Italy.

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Jacobin magazine’s podcast covers a broad range of topics, from feminism to racism to the labour movement. This episode examines the ecological, social, economic and political crises, focusing on the argument for a Green New Deal in the US.

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The next 11 are podcast series on the climate crisis — subscribe!

Hot & Bothered is a podcast series by Dissent Magazine, billed as ‘a climate politics podcast for the 99%’. Episode topics include climate migration, just transition and racial justice.

In Conversation is a listening series from grassroots climate storytelling project, Our Climate Voices. The series features conversations on climate justice and collective liberation. Only one episode is available so far: Queer and Trans Liberation — we’re looking forward to future episodes on immigrant justice, Indigenous sovereignty, gender, racial, and disability justice, and youth leadership.

Stories from home is a new podcast from the Climate Justice Alliance, exploring the valuable climate justice work of everyday people. Episode 1, ‘What Is Just Transition?’ is a great introduction to the concept, exploring what climate change solutions look like when they come from frontline communities at the intersections of art, culture, and social justice.

Under the Weather is an initiative of Climate Justice Montreal and McGill University, Canada. Episodes include interviews with Indigenous activists resisting extraction projects, and conversations on youth climate activism.

This series explores feminist solutions to climate change from (mostly) women around the world. Each episode focuses on different women driving climate innovation, and the importance of women’s emancipation and empowerment in fighting climate change.

Environmental justice, climate gentrification — these are topics discussed in this podcast series from Indiana University in the US. The podcast aims to make the climate science more accessible, by exploring solutions and ways to become more knowledgeable and resilient.

Looking to brush up on your science? Warm Regards is hosted — and co-hosted — by academics approaching climate change from different scientific fields, but still manages to explore the social and political aspects of the crisis, with episodes on climate & gender equity, ecofeminism and youth activism.

Real World Radio (Uruguay), is an initiative of Friends of the Earth International, covering environmental justice stories from all over the world. You can choose stories by topic, and many episodes are available in English or Spanish.

Subscribe to this monthly podcast and you’ll hear from world experts on: women’s empowerment for climate justice; sustainable cities and communities; a just transition; and many other climate-related issues. Each one-hour episode offers a great introduction to more in-depth climate topics.

Despite the title, this podcast is warm, hopeful, and, yes, positive! The Brown sisters, Autumn & Adrienne Maree host discussions on possibilities, solidarity and transformation in uncertain times.

The second series of this podcast, ‘A Climate of Hope’, is dedicated to exploring ‘positive pathways to a better world’. Each episode takes a solutions-oriented view of the challenges we face, collectively, in overcoming the climate challenge.

In 2020, we’re building a community of #ClimateChangers — demanding faster, fairer emissions cuts now, proper support for the people hit hardest by climate breakdown, and a radically different economic system that protects people and planet. Join us now.

This entry posted 6 April 2020 by Oxfam’s Climate Crisis Team.



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