The Carbon Inequality Era

The richest 1% are responsible for more than twice as much carbon pollution as the poorest half of humanity. A tiny few are fueling today’s climate crisis — while poor communities & young people pay the price.

Who are the richest 10%?

If your net income is over $38,000 annually, the chances are you’re one of the richest 10% of people in the world. (Convert that into your currency.)

Why now?

Time is short. There is a limit to the total amount of carbon that can be pumped into the atmosphere. Breaching this limit — the so-called ‘carbon budget’ — will trigger runaway global heating, that we can no longer control or remedy. Think of it like filling a bath — there is still some space left before we reach the top, but if we don’t turn off the taps now, it’s going to overflow.

So, what do we do now?

Back to the bath analogy — just as every drop of water increases the risk of an overflow, every ton of carbon counts in moving us towards the climate brink.

Shaping the post-COVID era

Looking at the big picture, we must profoundly change the way we measure economic success. Let’s learn from the past decades and prioritize care, the sustainability of life, health, and well-being, instead of pursuing endless economic growth.

Oxfam is a world-wide development organization that mobilizes the power of people against poverty.

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